Exercises optionThird licensing round

Frigg main agreement

person by Trude Meland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The Frigg licensees concluded an agreement in principle on unitising the gas resources on 9 July 1973. This Frigg main agreement specified that the field should be treated as a unit and that the final return to each licensee would depend on their share and the division of the reservoir between Britain and Norway.
— Summer evening at Frigg. Photo: Jon Lyshaug/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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A Frigg operating agreement was signed on the same day. This established principles for field development and the organisation of actual gas production. It also contained provisions on how specific operations would be conducted and a binding structure for communication between the companies and the governments.

A divided operatorship was adopted for Frigg. Elf operated the whole field and was responsible for both development and operation, while Total served as transport operator in charge of both laying and running the pipelines and of operating the receiving terminal.

Elf managed its activities from Paris and Stavanger, while Total ran its share of the work from Aberdeen.

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Exercises optionThird licensing round
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