UK block 10/1 awardedNational supervision and control

The name Frigg

person by Kristin Øye Gjerde, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The Petronord group gave its big gas discovery in block 25/1 the name Frigg, after the most prominent goddess in Norse mythology. This field was the first of a number on the NCS to be given names taken from the old Norse myths.
— "Frigg and her Maidens". Public domain image (cropped) from Wägner, W. MacDowall, M. W. Anson, W. S. W. (1902). Asgard and the Gods: the Tales and Traditions of Our Northern Ancestors.
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Frigg originally governed love and fertility. As the chief wife of head god Odin, she was as familiar as her husband with the condition of the world.

Her home was Fensalir, where she had three handmaids – Lin, who protected human beings, Fulla, who saw through all lies, and Gná, the messenger of the goddess. Frigg corresponds originally to Venus, goddess of love in Roman mythology.

Source: Gods in Oil, by Asgjerd Taksdal

UK block 10/1 awardedNational supervision and control
Published October 24, 2017   •   Updated June 2, 2020
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