Rationalising workHydro becomes Heimdal operator

East Frigg ceases production

person av Trude Meland, Norsk Oljemuseum
East Frigg was shut down on 22 December 1997 after producing 9.2 billion cubic metres of gas and 625 000 barrels (100 000 scm) of condensate (light oil) over nine years. The five production wells were plugged during the first half of 1999.

Preparations for removing the seabed template were carried out by Coflexip Stena Offshore (CSO), and this structure was retrieved to the surface by Thialfin July 2001. The installation tool and Christmas trees (valve assemblies) were sold, while the protective frame was delivered for melting down and recycling.

Cessation plan, Proposition no 8 (1999-2000) to the Storting, Report no 47 (1999-2000) to the Storting.

Rationalising workHydro becomes Heimdal operator
Published April 4, 2018   •   Updated April 4, 2018
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