Pipelines in the Frigg area

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In addition to the pipelines to St Fergus, there were a number of pipelines internally in the Frigg area.
— Pipelines between TP1, QP and CDP1
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Distance   Transport of Length  Installed Size Comments
CDP1-TP1 Gas 2x500m  1977  26″  Two pipes covered with stones. Not in use from 1990
CDP1-TP1 Condensate 500m  1977  4″   
CDP1-TP1 Test/Kill (reserve)  500m  1977  8″   
CDP1-QP Electricity 1000m  1977  3″  Power cable. 5,5 kV, 1000 KVA Pirelli EPR 
CDP1-QP Tele communication  1000m  1977  1 5/8″ Cable, Pirelli EPR 77c7pr. 24 signals  max 250V og 12-110 kHz
TP1-FP Gas 500m 1976/1977 24″ Gas to the flare. Pipes covered with riprap
TP1-FP Air 500m  1976/1977  2″  Air to flare
TP1-FP Electricity 500m  1976/1977  3″  Power cable
TP1-FP Control signals 500m  1976/1977  2″  Control cable
TP1-FP Tele communication 500m  1976/1977  4″   
DP2-TCP2 Gas 2x700m  1978  2×26″  Covered with concrete, sand and silt
DP2-TCP2 Condensate 700m  1978  4″   
DP2-TCP2 Test / Kill (reserve)  700m  1978  8″   
DP2-QP Electricity    1978  3″   
DP2-QP Tele communication    1978  1 5/8″ Cable. Damaged in a storm, out of use
Odin-TCP2 Gas 26,9km  1982/1983  20″, 1900 psi pressure in use. Designed for 2700 psi.   Uncovered on the seabed. After production shutdown it was cleaned and filled with seawater. The Odin end was tighted with a macanical plug and covered with grave.
NEF-TCP2 Gas 18km  1982/1983  16″, 167 bar 
NEF FCS-TCP2 Electricity  18km  1983    Power cable
NEF FCS-NEF Template BUS; Backup service line / kill line  500m 1982/1983  2″   
NEF FCS-NEF Template  Metanol 1700m  1982/1983   2″  
NEF-TCP2 Metanol  18km  1982/1983  1,66″   
North Alwyn B-TP1  Gas 111km  1986/1987   24″ The gas went through TP1 in transit. In 2004 the pipe went past TP1
EF CMS-TCP2 Gas 18km  1988  12″  The pipe was buried and covered with stones
EF CMS-TCP2 Service  18km  1988   1″ Hydraulic service cable
EF PSA-TCP2 Electricity 18km  1988  2″  Power cable 
EF PSA /PSB til CMS Collecting pipe    1988  2″  10″ gas pipe, 4″ service cable and umbillical
EF PSB-TCP2 Electricity  18km  1988    Power cable
EF PSA-PSB Electricity  4km  1988    Power cable 
Lille-Frigg-TCP2 Gas  22km  1994  10″  Pipeline was covered with gravel
Lille-Frigg-TCP2 Control- and injection cables 22km  1994 One on 3″ and three on 1,5″   
Lille-Frigg-TCP2 Hydraulic and electricity cables  22km  1994     
Lille-Frigg A and B to manifold station Gas 1,4km and 1km 1994/1995  4″  Fleksible steel pipes between subsea intallations
Frøy-TCP2 Gas 32km  1994/1995  12″  Pipe was buried 
Frøy-TCP2 Oil  32km  1994/1995  12″  Pipe was buried and covered with stones
Frøy-TCP2 Water 32km 1994/1995   16″ Water for injection 
Frøy-TCP2 Electricity 32km 1994/1995 Power cable
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