Technical Documentation MCP-01

person Björn Lindberg
Here you will find technical drawings and documentation of the manifold compression platform MCP-01.
— Frigg Field intermediate Platform General view
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Technical Drawings

Beskrivelse    Årstall
CG Doris Frigg to Scotland pipeline drilling platform
Frigg Field intermediate Platform General view
Breakwater General Drawings
Plan new showing, typical diving Points in wet bell and standby baskest MP-EXFA-M-9-DS-1324
General Arrangement Drawings
Layout at MCP-01 SSB-U10-PT-84-2011-001 2005
Details of destruct, General locations, Platform overall MP-05380-M-0-00-0001
MCP-01 General Arrangement MP-TOMA-S-0-00-5000
Overall platform layout – underdeck MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5004
Overall platform layout H 123.800 level MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5005
Overall platform layout, laydown area M-4-15-858
Overall platform layout, north elevation MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5008
Overall platform layout, east elevation MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5009
Overall platform layout, south elevation MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5010
Overall platform layout, west elevation MP-TOMA-M-0-00-5011
Platform conversion project, H 129000 level, main operational package MP-L-3020-03
Platform coversion project H137000 level, Main operational packages MP-L-3020-04
Underdecks General Layout MP-5009-M-4-15-139


Technical Documentation

 Rapport  – Report Årstall/Year
MCP01 Decommissioning Study  2003
MCP-01 Operating Manual 1993 Revised 2003  2003
MCP-01 Structural Design Report Volume 8, Crane Pedestals 1974-1978
Re-Analysis of MCP01 Final report 1994
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