Elf moves to StavangerPrincipal contracts awarded

Frigg discovery on UKCS

person by Gunleiv Hadland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Ocean Traveler spudded a well in UK block 10/1 during January 1971, but the work had to be suspended because of storms.
— "Ocean Traveler" is anchored in Dusavik, just outside Stavanger. Photo: Harry Nor-Hansen/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
© Norsk Oljemuseum

A new well was drilled in March/April, which confirmed that the petroleum deposit extended into the UKCS. Esso drilled in block 30/10 (where the Odin discovery was made in 1974) north of Petronord’s discovery, and found that a small part of the reservoir also extended in that direction.

Additional seismic surveying was initiated. The structure proved to be smaller and more complex than the initial investigations had revealed. It nevertheless represented a major gas discovery, and the decision was taken to bring the field on stream.

Frigg ranked then as the largest and northernmost gas reservoir in the North Sea. Recovery of the oil was considered, but the layer containing these resources was regarded at the time as too thin to be produced.

Elf moves to StavangerPrincipal contracts awarded
Published October 24, 2017   •   Updated October 20, 2020
© Norsk Oljemuseum
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