Installing the flare platformLille-Frigg discovered

Better information needed

person by Trude Meland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The level of press interest increased after the loss of the DP1 jacket on 12 October 1974.
— Elf Weekly came out for the first time 9 januar 1975. The goal was primarily to disseminate information to Dusavik employees about new hires, drilling activities and social events.
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Both journalists and such institutions as insurance underwriters and commercial companies wanted more information about the Frigg development. Curutchet had recently been put in charge of the field, and he appointed public affairs personnel to deal with the growing number of enquiries.

To reduce the threat of unconsidered responses or conflicting information, all contact – particularly with the press – was to go through the recently appointed public affairs manager, Finn Arnesen, and press spokesperson Einar R Linge.

Installing the flare platformLille-Frigg discovered
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