Phase I – first gas from FriggElf’s corporate assembly formed

Production from CDP1

person by Harald Tønnesen, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Drilling of production wells from CDP1 began on 10 November 1976.
— The CDP1 drillfloor. Photo: Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
© Norsk Oljemuseum

The programme covered a total of 24 wells, grouped in two sets of 12 wellheads on either side of a firewall. The first seven of these producers were completed by 13 September 1977, and the field could be opened for gas to flow via TP1 to Scotland. But took until December 1978 to finish the work of drilling and completing all 24 wells on CDP1.

Gas from the wells was treated initially to remove water, condensate (light oil) and sand. However, it soon transpired that the reservoir produced little water or sand and this equipment was disconnected. The same occurred on DP2.

The volume of gas flowing from each well was controlled by a choke valve. From there, the gas passed via a 26-inch flowline to TP1 for onward transport through the British pipeline.

Phase I – first gas from FriggElf’s corporate assembly formed
Published April 3, 2018   •   Updated June 30, 2020
© Norsk Oljemuseum
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