Frøy discovers an oil fieldAlwyn on stream

The name Frøy

person by Kristin Øye Gjerde, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Frøy - known in English as Frey - was the god of fertility in Norse mythology.
— Frøy with the sword and Gyllenbust. Illustration in Walhall: Germanische Götter- und Heldensagen. Für Alt und Jung am deutschen Herd. Felix Dahn, Therese Dahn, 1901. By Johannes Gehrts (1855-1921) (Public domain, cropped)
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He was originally one of the Vanir, the gods of growth, fertility and love. Frey was the son of Njord and the twin brother of Freya (Frøya in Norwegian), the goddess of love and his wife. Marriages between brother and sister were not uncommon among the Vanir.

Frey lived in Alfheim, and owned the ship Skidbladnir and the golden boar Gullinborsti. He also forced marriage on the giantess Gerd. According to the Icelandic poet and historian Snorri Sturluson, Frey was the ancestor of the Yngling, the Norwegian dynasty from which Harald Fairhair and other early monarchs claimed descent.

Frøy discovers an oil fieldAlwyn on stream
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