Technical Documentation DP1

person Filip Fremo Minge
Here you will find technical drawings and documentation of the drilling platform DP1.
— DP1 conversion cathodic protection 2
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Technical Drawings

Beskrivelse    Årstall
Barge bumper 1973
Jacket Launch runners 1973
Top of jacket & truss framing at col line 1974
Grouting System schematic 1974
Buoying pattern relocation of DP1 jacket 1974
DP1 Perspective 1975
System isometric of main gas (SHT 2 of 2)
Helicopter landing area – view from above
Potable utility water system
System isometric of firewater for treatment
DP1 elevation A
DP1 elevation B
Jacket stabbing point type I & pile to jacket
Internal joint stiffening at elevation
Internal joint stiffening at elevation 2
Installation sequence
Boat landing sheet 1 of 2
Boat landing sheet 2 of 2
Detail of 100 Ø Buoyancy tank
Weld details for tubular joint
Brackets to tip & seawater supply pipes
Conductor guide framing at 41 Ø Guide
Jacket cathodic protection conduit location
Launch padeye & shackle details
Ø electrical risers sheet 1 of 2
Dia electrical riser sheet 2 of 2
Diam risers on deck suppt truss
Kill condensate & misc risers on deck supp truss
Riser clamps on deck support truss
Padeeye dets @ EL(+)17-0(-)225
Flooding system schematic
Doubler plates to flooting & grouting lin
Flap valve for bottle legs to replace 2
Level grout & minipacker lin
Additional reinforcement at mudline
Additional reinforcement to bottle legs
Modification to launch runner ring stiffeners
Cross brace reinforsment on col line 1
Anode arrangement @ EL(-)96-0
DP1 jacket launch arragement
Jacket Drawings
Horizontal framing el 38-11 11861 1974
Horizontal framing el 96- 1 3-16 29291 1974
Horizontal framing el 321 – 6 97993 1974
Installation sequence 1974
Jacket perspective 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line 1 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line 2 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line 3 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line 4 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line A 1974
Jacket vertical framing at column line B 1974
Horizontal framing el 235- 6 5-16 71788 1975






Technical Documentation

 Rapport  – Report Årstall/Year 
DP1 Jacket Main BE Report  2004
DP1 Re-Flotation Study  1975
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